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New Development Fabrication is leading the way in welding and custom fabrication for the Automotive and Industrial industries.
We are a full fabrication shop with the resources and experience needed to assist you with your projects,
from design, modeling, fabrication to finished product.

Services Offered

We offer CNC Plasma Cutting services for a large variety of applications. Pricing for these services include modeling time, cutting and material cost - material costs are covered by New Development Fabrication. 2D and 3D CAD modeling services are available. All CNC Plasma-Cutting services on Stainless Steel require the use of an inert gas and will be reflected in the overall cost.

Plasma-Cutting equipment used: New Development Fabrication's own 4' x 8' CNC Plasma-Cutting table with a Thermal Dynamics A80 mechanized plasma torch.
*More information can be found on the "Plasma-Cutting Tables" page of our site.

Table/Material size Capabilities:  • Steel and Aluminum - Min. thickness is 16 Gauge with a 4 x 8' sheet - Max. thickness, Steel is 5/8" with a 4 x 8' sheet, 3/4" thickness with a 4 x 4' sheet*  - Max thickness, Aluminum - 1/2" with a 4 x 8' sheet

*Full sheet exceeds table weight limit.

All welding performed by Patrick O'Neill, an AWS D1.1 certified welder with over 17 years of welding experience.  Proficient in welding all types of steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

The types of welding implemented are GTAW (tig welding), GMAW (mig welding) and SMAW (stick welding).

Welding equipment used: Lincoln Aspect 375, Lincoln Precision Tig 225 and Lincoln Power Mig 256.

We offer our bending services mostly for sheet metal but also for 1/4" and 3/16" plate. Our bending capabilities are directly dependent on the mechanical limitations of our press-brake and the dies that we have available here at the shop. All pricing is given after consultaion. Please understand that New Development Fabrication holds discretion over the actual limitations for this service. Contact us with any of your inquiries.

Bending equipment used: DiAcro 35-ton, 8-foot Press Brake.

Quick Reference: • 16 Gauge sheet at 8 foot  • 14 Gauge sheet at 8 foot  • 1/8" plate at 4 foot  • 1/4" plate at 1 foot*

*Please note that additional charges will apply when bending 1/4" plate up to 1 foot, as this will require a die change.

We offer CAD and CNC milling services utilizing modern 3D CAD software alongside our updated 3-Axis CNC mill. The working area of our CNC mill gives us the ability to machine designs from material up to 24" x 16".

We also offer CAD prototyping written in G-Code, using our experience to provide efficient designs that focus on using less material and less cutting time.

CAD/CNC Software used: SolidWorks 2015, SprutCam 9

CNC Equipment Used: Lagun CNC 3-Axis Vertical Milling Center

We perform many different types of fabrication work other than what is listed above. Please contact us concerning additional services and fabrication needs, and for exact pricing on all services. To get a better idea of our capabilities, refer to ND Fab's Facebook page, which is updated frequently.

Bead Roller Power Kits: New Design!

NDF Bead Roller Power Conversion Kits have undergone a redesign. The result is a proven product that combines the benefits of both of our previous models into one streamlined package.

BMW M50/S50/M52/S52 Turbo Manifold Flanges

We are now producing turbo header flanges for the BMW M50 family of engines. Constructed from 316L Stainless Steel and made to last! Follow the link for details...

New Development Fabrication proudly uses carbide bits from Lakeshore Carbide.